Password Reset Disk – You’re Only 3 Steps Away To Regain Access To Your Computer

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Here is what happened to me a couple weeks ago. And how I successfully used this password reset disk software to regain access to my machine. I really hope that you aren’t here with the same issue, but if you ever face the same problem, you can follow these simple steps I did.

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password reset disk

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A password reset disk can be a huge lifesaver, I really don’t know how else could I get back my old pictures and huge movie collection. The thing is, when you have only some little stuff on your harddrive that is not very important, you can always do format c to your computer, reinstalling the fresh operating system. But when you have important stuff on the harddrive of the computer you are locked out, like i was, your only option is to use password reset disk software to remove the password. It will not only be usable on regular user accounts, but also on the main Admin account of the computer. Also another option would be to go to the comuter technician guy or repair shop, but i researched it and at my local tech said it may take at least $150-$200 to remove the password of my Windows 8 computer … so using the password reset disk is a money saver too .. and only a few minutes in 3 easy steps .. piece of cake i say =)

Don’t know what else to say here.. only thumbs up and i’m recommending this to everyone…

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Windows XP Password Reset

Windows XP Password Reset.

windows xp password reset

The issue with XP is that if you lose passwords, there’s actually no chance of gaining access to your pc again to have it back. This can be a significant problem for a number of people as it means that in case you lose your password, you’ve literally got no longer having access to your computer. The way to get around that is to use a suitable program to ”windows xp password reset” and scan through your computer’s files & settings and modify the password that’s stored in there.

All Windows computers (including XP) store passwords in the group of files and settings inside your PC. These files usually are not accessible from Windows itself, but are accessible on the disc drive. The trick to resetting your password is to change these password files by using a program known as a “boot loader”, which runs independently of Windows. A boot loader is simply a program that loads up before Windows and runs without Windows. These programs are extremely simple, but can carry out some amazing things.

There are boot loader programs available now which can be able to load up and after that modify the password settings on your computer without causing any damage or side-effects to your Windows PC. Since these tools load up before Windows has a chance to load, they can open your harddrive after which look for the files which are normally off-limits; and change their contents, letting you get some new password.

If you’re able to use one of such windows xp password reset programs on your computer, it should be able to make your pc log you in while not having to want a password.

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